Boho dining rooms are perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Their mix of materials gives off casual vibes making them a great gathering place.

The biggest key to achieving boho style is mixing and matching natural materials. As a result, you’ll often see lots of wood, rattan, and greenery in bohemian dining rooms.

If you’re looking for some easy ways to get this look, here are the 7 best boho dining room ideas to get you started.

1.Use Interesting Chairs

Use Interesting Chairs

If you’re trying to achieve boho style, in most cases, it’s best not to match your chairs with your dining set. Instead, create a mix and match style by choosing a solid wood table and bringing in chairs made of rattan or wicker.

The collected look brings a much more casual bohemian dining room feel than matching sets do.

2.Bring in a Light Wood Boho Dining Table

Bring in a Light Wood Boho Dining Table

When it comes to boho dining tables, those made from natural materials are best – which usually means wood or marble-topped.

A light wood table like the one pictured works perfectly. This option from Urban Outfitters is great for small dining rooms and eat-in kitchens. You can keep the benches and add seating at the ends for a mix n match look.

3.Make a Statement with a Jute Chandelier

Make a Statement with a Jute Chandelier

If you’re going for a boho minimalist dining room, keep your walls white, your furniture light, and make a big statement with your chandelier.

When you choose a chandelier as pretty as this one from Lulu and Georgia, you don’t need to put anything on the walls. Instead, this jute chandelier will be the perfect focal point in your dining room.

4.Opt for a Two-Toned Chair

Opt for a Two-Toned Chair

Two-toned chairs like these from Serena & Lily are perfect for completing a boho dining set. The black and wood create a beautiful contrast, while the handwoven seats bring texture to the room.

Chairs like these would pair excellently with light to medium-toned wood tables as well white tables. 

5.Put Vases on Your Table for Easy Boho Decor

Put Vases on Your Table for Easy Boho Decor

Place some vases in the middle of your table if you already have your room set up but are looking for bohemian dining table decor ideas. You can use black vases like pictured or mix it up and use several vases with different colors and finishes.

Put dried flowers or branch clippings in the vases for easy table decor that you can switch out seasonally.

6.Hang Nature-Inspired Artwork

Hang Nature-Inspired Artwork

Need artwork to fill your walls? Consider adding some nature-inspired prints. For example, beautiful prints of animals like shown above work well for boho-chic dining rooms.

If you don’t like the cow prints, consider prints of flowers or plants. Go large scale or create a collage of several smaller photos.

7.Bring in a Bar Cart

Bring in a Bar Cart

Bar carts are perfect accents in any dining room. Look for a rattan or marble cart for a boho room, then layer on the drinks and add a few plants.

This marble bar cart from Urban Outfitters is small enough to work in even the tiniest spaces.