A bedroom is a place where family members spend time at their pleasure:  relaxing, reading the books, plunge into the sweet arms of Morpheus. There are no trifles that can be deprived of attention.

Comfort and coziness are on the first place in this room. Simple abstract paintings would be the best idea of wall art for this area! 

If you decide to decorate the bedroom with wall hanging paintings (one or several as a set), don’t forget about the important point: large canvases with dark colors makes the room heavier, making it visually smaller and lower.

Also, it would be a great idea to draw the painting! You should give your preference to thin and elegant wood frames in gold or natural colors.

How high should the artwork be above your bed? When hanging artwork above your bed or any other piece of furniture, it will have a better look if it be 4-6 inches above the top of the furniture. Meanwhile if the art is going above a sofa or console, the painting should be approximately 2/3 width of the furniture.