Are you fond of Italy and want to add a part of it to your home design? Think about decorating your home in a Tuscan style. It’s the style, which shows the spirit of Italy in the best way and looks really cool if to choose all the items properly. And art is one of the best options for Tuscan wall decor.

In fact, the Tuscan style wall decor may look cute in any room. It can be a painting, a poster, a tapestry as well as wood or metal art. So, let’s have a closer look at the peculiarities of the Tuscan style and consider what art ideas will look cool in it.

Peculiarities of Tuscan Style

Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen

Clearly, you will start to seek for Tuscan wall art decor only after making some redecoration in your home. If you want the art to look organic in your interior, you need to know the basic characteristics of the Tuscan style:

Influences: The Tuscan countryside is located in Italy. However, it doesn’t prevent it from having some influences from French and Spanish rural areas. Moreover, this style may also feature some elements of the ancient Etruscan culture and the Renaissance period.

Colors: The interiors as well as Tuscan style wall art are associated with warm and natural hues. The earth-tone shades of brownish-orange, cream, beige, brown, various hues of green, golden yellow as well as burgundy are often met in Tuscan-styled homes.

Walls: The Tuscan homes often feature stucco and aged plaster walls with glazing, color washing, lime washing and hand troweled textures. The plaster moldings are also pretty popular. At kitchen, you may adorn the wall with a mosaic backsplash as well as with hand-painted tiles.Tuscan Styled Bedroom

Tuscan Styled Bedroom

Floor and ceiling: The floor is usually made of tiles, but marble, granite and limestone are also frequently used. The ceilings are often decorated with moldings or feature painted designs.

Furniture: The Tuscan-styled furniture features much ironwork and wood details. The surfaces are usually highly polished.

Wall decor: Tuscan wall paintings are usually framed and feature the rural landscapes as well as still lifes with flowers, grapes, cheese and wine. Tuscan wall decor metal and the one made of wrought iron also look great. They can be used independently or some iron details can be added to mirrors, candle sconces and shelves. The tapestries are one more widespread type of decoration for Tuscan home. It’s better if they are made of natural materials.

5 Nice Tuscan Wall Decor Ideas

Now, let’s have a look at 5 cool decorations for Tuscan-styled homes.

TapestryTuscan Wall Tapestry

Tuscan Wall Tapestry

The tapestry is a good choice for Tuscan wall art. It can be used in a great number of rooms. This piece features a beautiful Italian villa in the Tuscan countryside. The tapestry is in warm hues, which will go well with walls in warm and neutral colors.

Wall PlatesWall Plates in Tuscan Style

Wall Plates in Tuscan Style

Tuscan decorative wall plates are a great addition to your dining room or kitchen. The decorative metal plates, which are hand painted and glazed, are rather bright and pop out from the wall. All the plates are united by decorative scroll frame. By the way, the decoration can be hung both horizontally and vertically.

Tuscan Landscape PrintTuscan Landscape Poster

Tuscan Landscape Poster

If you want to have a large Tuscan wall art, pay attention to the prints, featuring Italian landscapes. This poster features the saturated greenery of the Tuscan region and a villa. It’s universal and can be used in any room from nursery to living room.

Metal Wall ArtWrought Iron Tuscan Wall Decor

Wrought Iron Tuscan Wall Decor

You will often see Tuscan metal wall decor in many interiors, designed in this style. For instance, it can be a wall grille, made of wrought iron or to be exact of hand forged and hand embossed metal. You can use one or two items for the decoration of living room, dining room, kitchen and even bedroom in Tuscan style.

Dolce Vita Wall PlaqueDolce Vita Wall Plaque

Dolce Vita Wall Plaque

The “Dolce Vita” wall plaque is ideal for Tuscan kitchen wall decor as well as for the outdoor decoration. It looks very Italian not only thanks to the language, but also because of the grapes, which serve for the production of wine, this country is so proud of. Moreover, you can also buy a similar wall plaque with “Buon Appetito” or “Mangia!” words.

So, you see that Tuscan wall decor is rather self-sufficient and may enhance the look of any home. It’s characterized by warm colors and natural materials, which are brilliantly combined with complicated shapes and intricate patterns.