These beautiful wall art ideas for the bedroom will be sure to get you in the decorating mood!

Idea #1: Summer Serenity

Just because the tides change, doesn’t mean your summer spirit has to. Beach it up with ocean wall art – and get whisked away in a whirlwind of salty air, sandy toes and boardwalk dreams.

wall art for bedroom

Idea #2: Floating Art

bedroom art ideas

If you’re the type who prefers to take the path less traveled, consider bypassing “wall art” (in the traditional sense of the term) altogether, and instead hang up a handmade quilt, a collection of your favorite album covers or even a floating garden!

bedroom wall art

Idea #3: Bohemian Bash

Not all bedroom art has to have a subject – because sometimes, the abstract can bring more peaceful feelings than even the most intricately painted bouquet of flowers or ocean landscape. Look for pieces that bring you joy and fit in with your style, paying attention to colors, shapes and mediums.

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Idea #4: Leafy Greens

Get your greens! An organic breath of fresh air doesn’t have to be reserved for meal prepping – bring it to your bedroom walls with wall paintings of foliage and florals.

Idea #5: A Vibrant Canvas

bohemian wall art

One way to make wall art pop? Reverse your color strategy! Focus dark, bold hues to your walls, and leave your wall art in clean white – or whatever shade you would normally reserve for your walls!

Idea #6: Shine On

There is no better way to wake up feeling like a rock star every day than with a little bit of sparkle and a little bit of attitude. Of course, we’re talking about metallic wall art! Pair it with purple, indigo and other moody hues to give your bedroom an edgy glamour.

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