Animal themed home decor is nothing new. Leopard and cheetah prints are timeless, and faux hide rugs have recurring “moments.” But every so often, one animal temporarily grabs the home decor spotlight. Owls once reigned, as did flamingos and llamas. Now, a new animal seems to be crawling to the top.

Sloth Large Area Rugs
Sloth Large Area Rugs

Ready for the next big animal trend? We’re betting that sloth home decor will be a big trend in 2019.  Don’t get us wrong—we know sloth love has been a thing for a while now (we’ve all seen THIS video of Kristen Bell meeting a sloth friend for the first time). Sloths have appeared on clothes and accessories, and they’ve also been appearing in children’s decor for some time now. But, in true sloth fashion, the sloth theme has ever-so-slowly evolved from kitschy and cute to trendy, and we’re loving it.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite sloth home decor pieces to give you some inspiration.

Chicago Apartments, Sloth Home Decor, Plant Hanger

Sloth Hanging Houseplant Holder

Your houseplants need friends, too! This might just be the cutest houseplant holder we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Chicago Apartments, Sloth Home Decor, Sit-Up Pillow

Sloth Sit-Up Pillow

We love the cute print on this sit-up pillow. It’s the perfect companion to a breakfast-in-bed kind of morning.

Chicago Apartments, Sloth Home Decor, Throw Pillow

Sloth Throw Pillow

Speaking of pillows, how sweet is this sloth throw pillow? It’s black and white, so it can easily blend well with any color theme you currently have in your home.

Chicago Apartments, Sloth Home Decor, Trinket Dish

Sloth Trinket Dish

This little sloth dish will make you smile every time you see it. We can’t think of a better place to store tiny treasures.