When you are renovating/updating a whole house like I am, you are kind of shopping for everything at all times, and affordable, yet cool lighting is definitely something I’ve been on the lookout for while making over our new home. From sconces, to chandeliers, to pendant lights, to flush mounts … I’ve been looking for them all! Since digging around for good finds can take a bit of time, I thought I’d compile a list of some of our favorite budget lights (for under $250!) that we’ve found recently in case you are in the market for a budget-friendly lighting refresh as well!

Whether you are looking for a lot of gold, a little gold, mostly white, or a striking black fixture, these wall sconces and flush mounts have you covered (and a lot of them are under $100 too!). If you need silver/chrome options, make sure to check out any ones that interest you as a lot of lighting comes in several different options/sizes to suit your needs. Now onto the chandeliers and drop pendants!

Whether you are wanting something more mid-century, traditional, or a little more organic feeling, this selection has something for everyone! I tend to gravitate towards mostly globe lighting these days as I love how the opaque globes give the light a really pretty soft/diffused quality and I pretty much put every light in the house on a dimmer so we can set the mood right where we want it. That globe light in the opening photo above was in our last dining room, but I’m thinking of getting this more budget-friendly one for a room in our new house since I still love the look of those long globe fixtures. … Hope this helped you find a few gems for your home as well!