Styling your home with unique wall decor is often easier said than done. Before you get started, there are a lot of things to consider when selecting what colors make sense and what art mediums/styles you’re attracted to. Questions you might also ask include: What walls should feature artwork? How large should the artwork be? How many pieces of artwork should be hung on one wall? At what height should the art be hung? What frame styles should you feature? 

It is easy to get overwhelmed when redecorating, but in this article, we’ll guide you through how to pick art for your home by breaking down ideas for selecting artwork for each room. Rather than treating this article as a list of hard do’s and don’ts, consider it the beginning of an adventure full of styling ideas and creative considerations. Artwork in a home can help portray the personality and passions of the people living there. Throughout this article, you will see various quotes from our internal styling team here at Minted, who are happy to share expert advice as you look for professional wall art ideas.


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Living rooms might be the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall. For a truly eclectic or bohemian feel, consider a gallery wall with a mix of styles and media depicted, such as graphic art, watercolor paintings, photography, and hand-drawn sketches. You could even include some non-traditional elements sparingly into your arrangement, such as city maps, a woven tapestry, or mirrors. 

When it comes to color selection for your living room art, draw inspiration from other elements and furniture in the room such as the couch, pillows, or lampshades. If you have windows that look out onto an impressive view, consider how you can pull some of those exterior color palettes onto your walls. Because the living room is often the largest room in the house, don’t be afraid to feature a large wall hanging. It may be one of your only opportunities in the house to pull it off. Any piece you choose to make a statement with has the potential to be a great conversation starter or talking point when friends come to visit as well.


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The bedroom is typically the most private room in the house, where you (and your partner) can choose wall decor that is near and dear to your heart(s). This might mean opting for personalized art such as a silhouette of your child or favorite pet, a framed version of your wedding vows, or a photo collage of all your family. The bedroom is meant to be a place of comfort and peace, so consider artwork featuring serene nature scenes or whimsical brushstrokes. When selecting wall decor for the bedroom, you really shouldn’t be influenced by what others may think, because most likely they won’t be in the room to see it! 

One failsafe look is the oversized piece of wall art directly over the bed. The size of your headboard will determine how much wall real estate you have to work with. If shopping for a new bed, keep this consideration in mind. Many ask, does every room or wall need a picture? The answer is entirely up to personal preference. But, because the bedroom is where you go to unwind and relax, it is often recommended that less is more in this room. Clutter can create stress, even if it is on your walls.


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Wall space can be limited in the kitchen. With more and more open kitchen floor plans, you may only have one or two walls to work with. Those walls most likely have limited space, as they may accommodate cabinets, an oven hood, backsplash, hanging pans, spice racks, and the like. You may need to get creative about how you display your artwork. Rather than hanging art directly on the wall, you could rest frames on countertops or prop them up on art shelves. When selecting wall art display ideas for the kitchen. 

So now that a professional art stylist has given you permission to get quirky and funky, have some fun with it! Think about what inspires you and what colors are already prominent in your kitchen so you can tie art in with your room decor. Framed photography featuring tropical farmers markets, your favorite foods, or European outdoor street dining really work well on kitchen walls. Minted has put together a collection of kitchen art that includes abstract pieces, beautiful photographs, creative typography, and more if you need somewhere to start for inspiration.


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Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, if not the smallest. 

Canvas pieces could potentially be water-damaged or collect mold over increased exposure to moisture. Consider positioning artwork opposite mirrors, so it can be appreciated even through reflection when people are attending to themselves in the mirror. 

Minted has a collection of bathroom art that offers a wide range of art genres, from photographs of the beach to abstract collaborations of the color blue. Have fun with your selection and tie in your bathroom art selection with wall colors, the shower curtains, tile patterns, or towel arrangements.