Want to know a secret of how to choose stylish wall decor ideas? Nowadays, when we decorate our homes, we think not only about the beauty of adornments but also about how fashionable they look. Of course, there are some decorations, which are classy and look great at any times. But sometimes, we want to add something interesting, which will make our home look especially brilliant.

Keep reading and you will discover what are the trendiest wall decorating ideas and how to apply them.

Wall Adornment

3D Panels Wall Decor

Today, more and more people give preference to wall decoration design ideas, which are applied directly to walls instead of art and wall hangings. There are dozens of ways of how to enhance dull walls.

For instance, you may opt for home wall decor ideas with decorative 3D panels. They can be of a contrast or matching color with the walls. However, it looks very interesting when the color of the panels coincide with the color of the walls. In such a way, you get a cool textured wall.

Contemporary Wall Stencils

Among living room wall decor ideas, we like the ones with mirrors. A wall, which features a huge mirror or is decorated with mirror tiles will make the room look more spacious and, at the same time, very stylish. It’s a great wall decoration idea for modern, high tech and contemporary dwellings.

Mirror Wall Tiles

Undoubtedly, there are some fantastic ideas for wall decor, which you can do with your own hands. Thus, you can turn an ordinary monotonous wall into something creative by painting it. You can use stencils in order to get the pattern you like or, if you are good at drawing, you can paint some patterns directly on the walls. The wall stickers can also be used for adding patterns to the wall.

Printed Wall Art

Stylish Kitchen Wall Art

Basically, printed wall art is the most widespread wall decor idea. It’s chosen because of a great variety of possible prints and affordable prices, comparing to paintings or wall sculptures. Various kinds of photos are the most popular. The art photos look very stylish and beautiful no matter if they feature people, nature, animals or objects.

Art Photo Poster

The posters can feature art. It doesn’t matter if you seek for small wall decor ideas or have much space, art posters are always a good idea. Nowadays, it’s possible to get even the famous art paintings, printed on paper or canvas. In fact, posters, which you can buy here, may feature a great number of images, from contemporary abstractionism to the world classics.

Split Canvases Wall Art

The use of split prints looks very beautiful. These ideas wall decor may be located in different ways. It can be just a series of similar photos or one photo, printed on several pieces of paper or canvas. They can be of one size or be different in both size and shape.1

Mirror Wall Decor

Contemporary Mirror Wall Decor

Honestly, mirrors aren’t longer used as only items, which help us to see how we look. There are so many fantastic mirror wall decor ideas for any style of interior design that you will definitely want to get the one after having a look at them.

Stylish Mirror

Mirrors can be of various shapes, sizes and styles and that makes it possible to choose the perfect item whatever style your home design is. You can even buy sets of mirrors, which form interesting wall design if placed close to one another or in a certain pattern. Mirrors are frequently in the lists of bathroom wall decor ideas, but believe, they can be used in any part of your home.2

Minimalistic Mirror Design

Moreover, some wall decoration ideas with mirrors have only aesthetical function. The mirrored wall art may feature the pieces of the broken mirror as well as a beautiful mosaic with it. Also, a simple mirror may become unique thanks to the original frame design.1

Wall Sculptures

Metal Wall Sculpture

If you don’t want to have any paintings and posters, have a look at wall sculptures. They are marvelous wall decoration ideas if you seek for something beautiful, creative and fashionable. They are made from wood, metal, glass, plastic and many other materials. The sizes also differ: from tiny adornments to the ones, which occupy the whole wall.

Modern Wall Art Wood Sculpture

Nowadays, there are many cool art installations, which are suitable for interior design. The majority of them are great for modern interior design directions; however, it’s possible to find something interesting for other styles. Moreover, you can make a wall sculpture with your own hands as there are many cute DIY projects.

Metal Wall Candleholder

In addition, this idea for wall decor can be functional. For instance, it can be a wall sculpture and shelf in a single item. Or, the sculpture may have such a form that it allows to use it as a candleholder.