Discover how to incorporate abstract wall art into your home with our comprehensive guide. Learn about different styles, color palettes, and placement techniques to create a stunning and creative atmosphere. Explore my favorite ways to decorate with abstract wall art and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant or subtle and minimalistic, this guide will help you find the perfect balance and unleash your inner artist.


Focus on your feelings

Abstract Africa Girl Canvas Oil Painting Colorful Women Portrait Posters and Prints Wall Art for Living Room Home Decor Cuadros

When styling abstract wall art you need to be aware of the feeling each piece generates. Does it make you feel happy, sad or something else? Some pieces have calming colours and are harmonious to look at, other pieces are made using bolder and brighter colours and might be more chaotic or eclectic to look at.


Abstract wall art is a perfect way to add personality and colour to a room. The open-ended subject matter won’t dominate the room while the eye-catching composition can help create movement in a room. Choose colours that speaks to you while also paying attention to how your space look. Take a look around your space. What are the dominant colour scheme? Is your house light with white walls or is it more colourful? Compare the tones in the artwork with the tones in your house.

Mix and match

Nordic Abstract Geometric Art Matisse Line Figure Sunset Wall Canvas Posters Painting Prints For Living Room home Art Decor

You do not need to match the couch colour with the dominant colour in the artwork. You can match a few colours of the artwork to a few accessories in your home. For instance, you can make a colourful abstract piece look harmonious in your space, by making sure you have similar colours in your interior. The artwork seen below matches the yellow and orange pillows perfectly. A good rule-of-thumb is to pick 1-2 colours in the artwork that can tie into your interior.

The Bigger the Better

Abstract Golden Flower Canvas Painting Luxury Art Posters and Prints Nordic Wall Art Pictures for Living Room Home Decoration

It is very important to think about the size of your art print. Measure your space and remember, art prints need to get framed, which always adds at least 6 cm to the size. As a general rule – if you have the space, fill it. A small artwork on a big wall will not look good. Even if you are styling a smaller space, you can opt to hang bigger artworks and it will make the space seem larger. Just remember, do not hang artwork that is bigger than the furnitures you are hanging the work above.

Think in Tows

A simple way to make abstract wall art feel at home? Give it a companion! Wether you hang two abstract artworks side by side, vertically or even with a door between, a pair of abstract artworks will look balanced and feel intentional. The key is to keep framing and size consistent. This way, the artworks will seem cohesive, even if the colours and compositions differ.