Dining Room Wall Decor – Not all of us can boast of having a dining room. However, if you are a lucky owner of the one, you need to turn it into a cozy and welcoming place, where it’s a pleasure to gather with your family and friends. That’s why, you need to devote as much time to choosing dining room wall decor as to the adornments of your bedroom or living room.

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So, we offer to consider the tips on how to choose the proper adornments as well as have a look at the best dining room wall decor ideas for your home.

Tips on Creating Cozy Dining Room Wall

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Before you start your dining room decoration, have a look at the following recommendations:

Tip 1. If you want to have a relaxing dining room, give preference to neutral colors. Both cool and warm hues can be used. In order not to get a boring room, don’t be afraid of combining colors. The neutrals can create astonishing color combinations.

Tip 2. Add bright accents. Though it’s not very good to paint the walls of dining rooms into bright colors, you are free to add some accents. For instance, one wall can be painted into another color or you can add bright accents, like colorful wall art, stickers and patterns.

Tip 3. If you have a small dining room, consider the built-in cabinets. They occupy less place than traditional ones, but are able to store a great number of things.

Tip 4. Add nature. Plants and flowers are often used for table centerpieces. But you can also use them as a part of dining room wall decor. The easiest way is to place a shelf with a couple of plants.

Tip 5. Use different finishes. The walls look great if they have various textures. Thus, you can make an accent on one wall by using decorative wall panels or textured wallpapers.

Tip 6. The walls must be in harmony with the general atmosphere, style of the room and other decorative pieces. Thus, traditional and rustic dining rooms can be adorned with wood panels or artworks in wooden frames while contemporary rooms look cool with frameless abstract art or metal wall sculptures.

Tip 7. The dining room must be well-lit. So, if it doesn’t have enough natural light, one chandelier won’t cope with this task. That’s why, consider adding some wall sconces with lights or candles.

Tip 8.

Consider functional wall decorations for dining room. It’s not a secret that wall decorations may perform not only aesthetical function, but some other ones. Thus, shelves are used for storing things, but if you opt for the shelves with creative design, they will be considered as a part of the decor as well.

Other Dining Room Wall Decorations

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Nowadays, stickers are used for wall decoration of all the rooms. They are liked for the convenience of application and removal, low price and great choice. For instance, you may add some patterns to the walls or a quote you like.

Plates wall decor is a creative way to replace the traditional wall decorations. The plates can be of one color, form and size or, vice versa, have various shapes and patterns. The plus of this decoration is that it can be made with your own hands. Moreover, you can use the plates you have at home or buy a collection of new ones.

White plates of various forms and textures look astonishing on white walls as they add dynamics to them. A collection of colorful plates is great for neutral walls. Also, a cool idea is to decorate walls with plates, bought during your travels. The collection from different parts of the world will look gorgeous.

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

In truth, it’s very good to have some plants in the dining room. They will add brightness to the room and provide it with positive energy. The easiest way to arrange them is to place pots on the shelf. Also, the hanging flower pots look cool.

In addition, a vertical garden looks impressing. And it’s not so hard to create it. You just need to use special “pockets”, which will hold your plants and allow them to grow. You can even make a plant wall in such a way. However, it’s important that plants get enough light.

All in all, the most important thing, which you need to remember while choosing dining room wall decor, is your attitude to the items you buy. Opt only for those decorations, which you like and which have a positive influence on you.