Everyone loves a party but organising one can be a bit of a pain. If you are organising a home party on a budget, this blog is for you. Here, we will list budget-friendly party ideas you can take inspiration from. We will dish out practical tips on how to save money on parties, without compromising on the ‘fun’ factor!

Deck Up Your Buffet Table

One of the easiest ways to make your party look grand is to feature your food table. A decorative buffet table can seriously elevate the whole look and feel of your party. Take a look at the following image for some Insta-worthy inspiration. While the decor is simple and elegant, it gives the entire space a colourful-themed vibe:

Take the Party Outdoors

If you have the luxury of space, you can take the party outdoors. You can either do it in your backyard or pick a park. Nature doubles up as the perfect party setting. All you’ll need is a comfortable rug for your picnic-style party and of course, lots of food. You can carry food baskets and comfortable floor cushions as shown in the image below:

Add a Touch of Balloons

No party is complete without a touch of balloons–whether you hang it from the ceiling or simply use it as a photo-prop backdrop in one corner. For a more mature vibe, go for gold and beige or silver and black coloured balloons (as opposed to colourful ones) to give your party a cool touch. These colour combinations are classic and never fail to impress. Plus, they give off an effortless adult(ish) vibe. Pair it with cute warm yellow coloured hanging lights as shown below and you’re good to go:

Use Candles to Create a Soft Ambience

If you want to give your party a more intimate-yet-fun vibe, light up candles and place it strategically. You could use it as a decorative item on the centre table as shown below. Make sure to use complementary decor (dried flowers and eucalyptus branches in the following case) to add an aesthetic balance to your overall decor/theme:

Go All In with Colour, EVERYWHERE

If you’re someone who can’t do without a little bit (or a lot) of colour in their life, might we suggest going all out with coloured items–from printables to fun party bunting decor, there’s so much to play with. Colours scream PARTY! and if used correctly, can transform your space into a 1960s boho-themed setting. Take a look at the image below for inspiration:

Keep It Casual

You don’t always need to bring out the big ones to host a party. Instead of setting tables and chairs in a formal manner, you can create a perfectly cosy, informal, and fun ambience with floor pillows and a coffee table. In fact, even bean bags and a foosball table (as shown below) do the trick quite nicely: