Wall decoration is a perfect opportunity to give a personal touch and to complete the design of any room. At the same time, it is a handy tool if you want to change the concept and mood of the room without costly and time-consuming renovation. There are several options of wall design that will help you express yourself and turn an ordinary room into a thought-through design space.

Framed Objects

As soon as any object becomes framed it turns into a design solution instantly. Those might be classical cases of framed pictures and photos. Any kind of private, family pictures, scaled, printed, and framed in different sizes give the room a personal touch. You may always play with Photoshop and adjust the colors of every photo according to the leading color pattern of your design. At the same time, it is quite common to use reproductions of famous art that may also be adjusted to your desires. The Internet nowadays offers a wide range of posters – from classical movie posters to modern designs that can be adjusted according to every style.

One more interesting solution is framing objects and turning them into an art piece. For example, a carpet on the wall is considered to be an old school grandma’s solution. But if you frame a carpet or a rug and put it behind glass, it may give a fresh touch to an ordinary object. If you are not aiming for such a large-scale decoration, a framed scarf or even a handkerchief may play the same role. 

Even empty frames placed on the wall according to a well-though original pattern might be a great design touch


Wallpapers are also considered to be an old school style that hardly looks appropriate in modern designs. Especially if we talk about minimalistic, Nordic Scandinavian, or hi-tech designs that are so popular nowadays. But wallpapers were reborn by modern designers and turned into real art pieces that you and your children can create yourselves.

Black and white wallpapers that look like coloring books might be a great solution for a nursery room. If your child likes to play with crayons and you don`t want him to destroy the walls in your house, coloring-book wallpapers might be a great solution. You generally kill several birds with one stone in this case: The walls are being decorated according to your child`s taste and color pattern, and all the other walls and furniture are being preserved from your tiny art enthusiast. 

Chalkboard paint is one more similar solution. Chalks are even easier to clean and therefore, it is easier for a child to renovate his room according to his mood without any major renovation.

Wall Stickers

The modern market offers a wide choice of wall stickers. Unlike wallpapers, they are easy to apply and take off and much more adjustable. There is a wide choice of wall stickers and you may also find something that will make a nice design accent in the room. 

Graffiti-looking stickers are a great solution to decorate a bedroom for a teenager. They are also widely used in businesses like cafes or barbershops if the owner is aiming for a street-style atmosphere.

Cute flower, a butterfly or bird stickers are widely used in bedrooms and boudoir to create a gentle feminine atmosphere. And for example, 3D butterfly stickers also give some texture to the wall.

Stickers might also be used to frame some parts of the design without the need to drill and destroy walls. You may frame different things – from TV and lamps to plants and some furniture pieces. For example, a framed mirror may create an illusion of a window in the room and make it look bigger and brighter.

Stickers may also be used for creating several independent zones in one big space. This method is widely used in studio apartments and big office spaces. Inspiring citations or any kind of abstract words written in different scripts is one more kind of sticker design that may be adjusted to almost every interior.

Photo Wallpaper

There is one more alternative for ordinary wallpaper that is being widely used in modern designs. Photo wallpaper was wildly popular in the 90s and makes their comeback nowadays. Thanks to modern technologies and high quality of printing, photo wallpapers may create illusions of wide-open spaces, enlarge rooms, or just create an illusion of different textures on the walls. 

They may also imitate windows and create illusion doors to unknown worlds right out of your bedroom.

There is no limit to fantasy in this case. You may decorate one of the walls with a quality high-definition of a wild forest in case you are aiming for an earthy eco-design. Hi-tech lovers usually prefer 3D wallpapers that create an illusion of a corridor in the room. Photo wallpapers are a nice solution if you are aiming for creating an illusion of a bigger space of want to bring a flashy design accent to your room. They are easy to apply and take off, adjustable, and affordable. This is one of the most popular solutions in case you want to make any changes in the design without costly and messy renovations.

Toolbox Decorations

An ordinary toolbox may provide with lots of modern design solution. One of the most popular nowadays is duct tape design. It was first used by Canadian designers several years ago and becomes more and more popular nowadays. Colorful duct tape can help to create a neat geometrical design on the wall. It is perfectly suitable for minimalistic designs. There are lots of DIY tutorials on the Internet that will help you to create an original modern geometrical design with your own hands.

Wires and threads nailed to the wall can be one more original decorative solution. Hi-tech designs have adopted this idea from the very beginning, but modern designers come up with new ways to decorate the space with wires and threats every day. You may create a large-scale abstract design on the wall out of colorful wires. Or you may bend it into simple minimalistic shapes and create a decoration for a Scandinavian interior or even a nursery.