Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. Some of the keenest interior eyes have imparted their hottest decor and design tips, just for us.

Looking to upstyle your home? Pick one (or a few) and go wild!

Tell a tale

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Storytelling is a natural human element. And it permeates everywhere in our world. So it’s logical that storytelling should also form part of your decor and design at home.

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SUBTLE STORIES: ‘Pink Blossom Geisha’ guides you to your next chapter

Add personal items that have meaning, consistent theming or aspects of an idea throughout the house. You can also stick to one core favourite colour accented throughout your home. Or you might like to use geographical accents such as artwork of places that you’ve travelled to or decor inspired by your favourite countries.

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GETAWAY: ‘Travel Italy’ will transport you to your favourite Euro memory

And to add drama, be sure to include some highs and lows and dark and light contrasts.

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‘The impact of storytelling even in contemporary culture can’t be underestimated. When tackling any interior design project in 2020 find ways to connect to your story, whether that’s the past or an aspirational future. Using colour, art or meaningful objects create a space that’s personalised and all about you,’ Suzanne Commerford from Property Styling Melbourne reveals.

Sustainability and forever

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SUSTAIN LONGER: ‘Timber Delight’ is anything but too wooden

Sustainability and eco decor and design is a hot topic right now. And it will become even hotter in the near future as we become more and more conscious of how our actions impact the planet.

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Spend more on sustainable furniture or items that you use daily and want to keep for a long time. And reduce the amount of clutter you buy by opting for a minimalist style.

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GET PALMY: ‘The Coconut Tree’ provides tropical but sustainable vibes

Incorporate nature photography into your decor to bring an element of freshness and to remind you about the beautiful planet we inhabit. As an additional bonus, you’ll find that taking cues from Mother Nature will effortlessly create calm and nurturing spaces.

‘Buy fewer higher quality pieces that tell a story, create a haven and the environment may even thank you for it,’ Suzanne said.

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‘Whichever way you go for styling in 2020, one thing is evidently clear; an earthy natural and sustainable approach to styling is gaining strong momentum. It’s an exciting time to see people are now moving from the sub conscious to the eco conscious as they not only style with a natural feel but also now a sustainable mindset,’ Petria from Coco Rose Interiors declares.

Colour is a hues deal

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FOSTER THE FALL: ‘Falling For Fall’ will have you falling in love with your decor all over again

The eco vibe mentioned above can be complemented with colour, such as an earthen base highlighted with bold pops of natural hues.

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Interior decor trends are moving away from artificial to more naturally vibrant colours and will continue to do so. Think soft violets, pumpkin reds and gorgeous greens.

You can go as bold and wild as you want with colour. Even more so when you have a neutral base of timber floorboards and furnishings.

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Sea more colour

Although always popular, the aquatic and oceanic colour palettes are more in focus than ever. Mixed with a neutral base, you’ll have a fresh and breezy hamptons inspired decor in no time.

‘With the spotlight on how we impact our planet, it’s no surprise that interior trends are centring around organic tones and materials. The spotlight is on nature. Think greens, blues and earthy tones…

And with our love for aquatic lifestyles, it makes perfect sense to incorporate beach pictures into our living spaces.

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HOME PARADISE: escape with ‘Paradise Through The Palms’

Natural fibres appear in rugs, woven baskets and furniture— cane and rattan are back, and the plantation style is very popular. I would expect to see this expanded in 2020 interior design trends too,’ Clare Limbick from Chamelon Avenue said.

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Creating a haven

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DELICIOUSLY ZEN: ‘Oriental Calm’ will instantly relax you

Most people want a home they enjoy coming home to; a sanctuary where the troubles of the workplace and world can be left outside.

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SLEEP OASIS: ‘Lakeside Mist’ will roll you in calm

To create a haven of calm, choose muted colour palettes brought to life by the use of diverse textiles and textures. Add plump cushions, indoor plants and soothing zen art to make your home a place of true relaxation.

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SELF SOOTHE: in your own home with ‘Meditation’

‘We are often all so busy and the majority of us are spending our lives rushing through a concrete jungle. Turn your home into a haven by taking on principles of minimalism and organic colours and textures and shapes integrating as much use of natural light and elements like plants and water,’ Suzanne adds.

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Whether you’re hoping to transform your home into a serene haven, luxury eco-lodge or breezy beach abode, we’ve got the perfect artwork to complete the look.