Bathrooms are one room in the house that everyone uses. So, it makes sense that you want to make your bathroom look stylish and welcoming. 

Bathroom vinyl wall decals are a fabulous way to add decor – and often humor – to help you have a more enjoyable time doing your bathroom business. This list of bathroom wall decal ideas gives you options for some funny bathroom wall stickers, instructive bathroom rules, and gentle reminders. 

1Give a Gentle Reminder to Flush

Give a Gentle Reminder to Flush

Not much is more frustrating for bathroom etiquette than getting ready to do your business only to realize someone had been there before you and left it for your viewing displeasure. 

Remind your housemates and guests to keep their bathroom habits a secret by remembering to flush after each use. This simple two-word decal comes in two font types and four colors – gray, white, black, or brown.

2Make It Easy to Locate Your Bathroom Door

Make It Easy to Locate Your Bathroom Door

Adding a decal to the outside of your bathroom door ensures that everyone opens the right door when trying to locate the commode. 

This simple accent decal gives your door a hand-painted cursive font stating “bathroom,” with a simple yet elegant decal in a rich, bold black.

3Lay Out the Rules of the Bathroom 

Lay Out the Rules of the Bathroom

This decorative decal lays down the bathroom rules in a clever, stylish design. The large font in cursive boldly announces bathroom rules. 

While underneath, there are four lines in simple block print laying down the laws of the land for everyone to understand in four color choices:

  • If it’s up – put it down
  • If it’s on – turn it off
  • If it’s dirty – clean it up
  • If you’re taking too long – hurry up.

4Add Relaxing Bathtime Inspiration

Add Relaxing Bathtime Inspiration

Your bathroom should be a relaxing oasis away from the world’s stresses. This versatile vinyl wall decal is the perfect wall decor to put above bathtubs to transport you into a serene getaway. 

The elegant sticker has a large cursive “Soak” with print words underneath saying “your worries away (Soak your worries away).” Use this bathroom decal as a mantra for a soothing, relaxing bath.

5Read a Positive Aspiration Every Morning 

Read a Positive Aspiration Every Morning

The bathroom is the perfect place to give yourself a positive aspiration to get your day started on a good note. This cursive stencil goes on any surface in your privy, from the window to the wall to the mirror. 

Stare at this positive reminder of your attractiveness while getting ready every day and night to keep your confidence high and your spirits boosted. This “Hello beautiful” decal comes in six matte colors – black, gray, blue, white, pink, and brown – and three sizes.

6Decorate Your Wall with a Bathroom Humor Decal

Decorate Your Wall with a Bathroom Humor Decal

This simple yet funny sticker decal humorously instructs bathroom users to “Seat yourself,” playing off the signs you typically see adorning restaurants. 

You can choose from six classic colors – pink, black, brown, blue, white, and gray – and three various sizes. The matte finish and stylish print give a hand-painted look that’s easy to apply and remove.

7Give a Compliment and a Laugh

Give a Compliment and a Laugh

This hilarious decal boosts confidence and puts a smile on your face and, hopefully, a chuckle in your throat. 

Put this decal on your wall to wish all bathroom users a great day. This stencil in four colors – gray, brown, white, or black – and three sizes tells you, “Hope your day is as nice as your butt.” 

8Appreciate a Reminder to Enjoy Life

Appreciate a Reminder to Enjoy Life

This inspirational decal in a mixed cursive and print font takes up a lot of space on your wall, reminding you of the beauty of aging.

As this simple decal says, “Life is like a bath… The longer you’re in it, the more wrinkled you get.” Yet, everything about you is beautiful, from every freckle and imperfection to each wrinkle.