Bohemian style is incredibly versatile, working with multiple design elements. The best thing is anything goes. 

If you love funky, eclectic pieces with bright or earthy colors, natural elements, floral motifs, and exotic ethnic charms, Boho is right for you. And when it comes to boho wall decor ideas, there’s even more leeway on what you can use. 

We’ve compiled a list of 8 boho wall decor ideas to help you achieve a simple yet stylish room redecoration that screams Bohemian. 

1.Decorate Small Walls with a Simple Tapestry

Decorate Small Walls with a Simple Tapestry
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We’re kicking off our list with design elements that scream Boho – knitted, macrame, and wall art. This simple yet stylish cotton tapestry can serve as a decor piece on any interior wall, but it can truly shine on walls with a small surface area. 

We love seeing how this white cotton fringe looks against a brightly colored wall – also hugely Boho-themed – or hung over a window for a decorative window cover. 

2.Bring In a Dreamcatcher for Boho Authenticity

Bring In a Dreamcatcher for Boho Authenticity
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Dreamcatchers are another signature design feature for bohemian-inspired spaces. These art pieces are part of multiple cultures, giving you a range of designs to consider. 

Bohemian wall decor often consists of natural materials and handcrafted designs, like these simple but intricate ornamental dreamcatchers that can look fantastic over your bed and in living roomsdining rooms, and other main living spaces.

3.Add Multiple Mirrors for Makeover Magic

Add Multiple Mirrors for Makeover Magic
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You can also go Boho with mirrors. While many Bohemian styles use metallic mirrors, we love the simplicity and understated composition of various-sized round mirrors bordered in eco-friendly wood frames.

Using mirrors like these for boho wall decor also nods a proverbial head towards design themes like minimalist and mid-century modern, where there’s a heavy focus on little to no decor pieces used. 

4.Go Green with Woven Baskets

Go Green with Woven Baskets
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Embrace the aesthetic of handcrafted goods by incorporating a collection of woven baskets into your room’s wall design. We love the look of these woven baskets used as storage for plants. 

You can use them in the kitchen to grow herbs, in the living room to add ferns to brighten the space, or in the bedroom for aromatics that encourage a restful night’s sleep. Or you can stuff them with fake greenery for a pure aesthetical prop. 

5.Add a Feather for Boho Bliss

Add a Feather for Boho Bliss
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Feathers are a frequent sight for Bohemian styles, but they don’t have to be the real, funky, fluffy kind that falls off birds. 

For example, this canvas print depicts a gorgeous feather that can look great as a simple piece for a large wall, placed in an alcove, or decorate a small partition wall or entryway.

6.Enjoy the Ethereal Beauty of Elephants

Enjoy the Ethereal Beauty of Elephants
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With this wall decor idea – a painted canvas of an elephant covered in boho designs and bright shades – your space will look fashionable and animal-friendly. 

And the typography looks pleasing while reminding you of important life liberties – truth, freedom, and love. This vibrant medallion stripe motif elephant is perfect for spaces where you want to add color and quirk. 

7.Hang a Hamsa to Harness Your Zen

Hang a Hamsa to Harness Your Zen
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If your inspiration for a boho-chic space looks like creating a space conducive to feeling zen, you may love the spiritual significance of the Hamsa Hand (The Hand of Fatima). 

This boho wall art can help with meditation while blocking negative energy and offering spiritual protection. And it looks fab on your walls. Even if you don’t focus on zen, you can still appreciate the beauty and intricacy of this painting.

8.Metal Plates Make Boho-tastic Wall Art

Metal Plates Make Boho-tastic Wall Art
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Our favorite thing about boho design is that you can use multiple materials to create a funky yet stylish space. You can have texture, color, and style all in one with this beautiful work of art

Look at how the various-sized metal plates overlap. The different colors – gray, white, dark blue, and light blue – and textures give this boho chic wall decor a wow factor that you can’t help but admire.