Black wall art in a classic frame is a look that will never go out of style. This artwork is ideal for any space, no matter your personal aesthetic. Black will complement every surrounding shade, and framed art is truly timeless. Our design experts are major fans of incorporating a black statement piece into your home. We’ve put together our top tips for selecting the best black wall art for your space. Let’s get started!

Psst…do you want to make your black wall art pop? We just dropped a bunch of new frame colors! Choose the frame that best fits your unique space.

Black Wall Decor & Color Schemes

Black framed wall art will go with any existing color scheme. However, there are a few trending shades that will make your artwork pop. Consider contrasting black with a pastel hue like dusty rose or grey-blue. Sage is also a great neutral alternative that still looks sophisticated.

Expert Tips

ElephantStock’s interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz suggests the classic color pairing, black and white:

“Black and white interiors will never go out of style, and this iconic pairing can create an interior that is full of possibilities. Add shades of grey into your black and white color palette for a trendy, monochromatic look. This chic color scheme will make your home feel more modern and contemporary. For another ultra-trendy technique, try adding a splash of geometric patterns and textiles.”Discover black framed wall art ideas >>

best black framed wall art ideas

Black Wall Art for Bedrooms

Framed black artwork is an excellent choice for your sleeping space. This chic color will give your bedroom a designer touch. Hang a piece of contemporary art with black accents for a striking look.

Expert Tips

For bedroom-specific design tips, consider this excerpt from our guide to black decor for every room:

 “When it comes to crafting a modern bedroom, focus on sleek textures and finishes. You want your sleeping space to look clean and sophisticated. Use white as your base color, and add black accents for a refined appearance. Hang an abstract print that is eye-catching but not too chaotic It’s all about balance when it comes to achieving contemporary design. Your bedroom should look relaxing but not boring, and luxurious but not over-the-top.”

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top black framed art ideas

Black Abstract Wall Art Styles

There are plenty of black artwork styles, but none so versatile as an abstract theme. Abstract art (especially in neutral tones) can instantly elevate your interior. Wall art with an abstract theme has been the go-to for upscale interiors for decades, and this trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, 2023 has seen a major boost in dark-toned abstract artwork.

Expert Tips

Our resident decor pro Elimar Lobo Sáenz explains the appeal of abstract art:

“Nothing improves the look of a room quite like abstract wall art. Abstract artwork represents pure, unadulterated freedom. Not to mention, it works well with a wide range of interior themes. This creative style of art will make your room look trendy without taking over your living space. It’s up to you to decide between a neutral color palette, or a vivid print with eye-catching colors. Ensure that your wall art is big enough to grab onlookers’ attention, and don’t shy away from funky, daring decor ideas.”

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Large Black Wall Art Sizes

If you want to make a major statement, choose a large print. The biggest faux-pas amateur designers make is selecting a size that is too small for their wall. Preview some of our top picks for oversized dimensions below:

 “If you’re planning a gallery wall above your furniture, the best size for your main statement piece is 52 inches by 32 inches. Hang asymmetrical canvases, and arrange them symmetrically create an eye-catching look on your wall. Framed prints look best in a gallery wall setting, but you can also hang an unframed canvas as the center piece, and smaller framed prints around the focal point.

If your main goal is to instantly catch your guests’ attention, go with these dimensions: 66″X33″ This is the perfect option for starting an oversized gallery wall as well. Take up space in any room that has a large, empty wall. Just make sure to measure the space before installing your canvas, as this size can look overwhelming in a smaller room.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something really dramatic for a huge empty wall, opt for 68″X45″! Hang a giant, oversized canvas that measures 68 inches by 45 inches in height and width. If you want to cover the entire wall above your couch, bed, or credenza, this is an optimal selection for your space.”

PS While it can be hard to find framed art in mega-large sizes, you can always combine both framed and unframed art for a balanced look.

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Black Framed Wall Art Shapes

There are plenty of benefits to framed artwork. First, it looks super sleek and polished. If you still need convincing on why you should experiment with black framed wall art, skim this excerpt from our article on framed vs unframed art:

“Because of the small gap between the canvas and the frame, your print will appear as if it was floating. This will give your art a truly stunning look. Another major visual benefit of framed artwork is that it looks very light and airy, which ultimately results in a neater overall appearance.

Achieve the Perfect Polished Look

Framed artwork always looks perfectly polished. The look of refinement subconsciously impacts the viewer’s perception of your overall space.

Embrace the Floating Illusion

Because of the intentional gap between the canvas and the back of the frame, the print appears to be floating. This will give your wall art an ethereal, eye-popping look!

The Coveted Low-Profile Appearance

One of the major advantages to framed artwork is that it looks low-profile, which results in a polished, distinguished appearance.

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Topics Beyond Black Wall Pictures

Now that you know how to choose the perfect piece of framed black artwork, it’s time to spruce up the rest of your home! Visit our decor blog and learn how to make the most of your interior. From expert tips to trending styles, design has never been easier!