Creating more space in a room can be extremely difficult. Especially when that space already feels as small as a closet!

Did you know just swapping out your current bed for a Murphy bed will free up a room immediately? Not only that but Murphy beds open more square footage in an area which in turn adds value back into your home.

Look no further because we’re about to give you the best space-saving beds for small rooms and spaces. Are you ready to add a more breathable expansion to your home?

1. Get A Murphy Wall Bed

Murphy Wall Bed

The Murphy bed is often found in minimalist-designed rooms because of its compactness. They come in all sizes and are connected to a wall. Wall beds will appear as an attractive cabinet wall when it’s in the upright position.

If this specific Murphy bed is too simple for you, you can always buy a Murphy bed that comes with storage cabinets that line the sides. You’ll also want to measure the height of your ceilings before buying the Murphy bed.

2. Buy The Modern Platform Bed

Modern Platform Bed

Since the platform bed sits a lot lower to the floor than most beds, it gives the illusion of taller ceilings and wider spaced rooms even though the bed takes up the same amount of floor space as other beds. This modern bed is a simple but sleek design.

Some platform beds are slightly elevated while others sit flat on the floor. You can buy them with more drawers or a hydraulic lift feature for more storage space. This bed is fantastic for minimalist and modern enthusiasts.

3. Find The Hidden Sofa Bed

Hidden Sofa Bed

The hidden sofa bed has been around for ages! Today’s hidden sofa beds are built more comfortably. This bed is great for people who live in studio apartments.

To turn the sofa into a bed, simply remove the cushions, and pull out the metal-framed bed underneath. The greatest advantage to this space-saving bed is its ability to change and wash bed sheets which increase the lifespan of its cushions.

4. Roll Out With The Trundle Bunk Bed

 Roll Out With The Trundle Bunk Bed

The trundle bunk bed is an amazing kid-friendly and space-saving option. You get two twin-sized beds plus a rollout bed that can be placed on either side of the bed.

A neat feature about this bed is the dual-purpose storage steps leading up to the top bunk. There’s no detachable ladder, which makes these beds great for small rooms and spaces.

5. Double Up And Get The Wall Bunk Bed

Double Up And Get The Wall Bunk Bed
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The wall bunk bed is like the Murphy bed, except the mattress size normally comes in twin or twin-XL. This type of bed is great for parents who enjoy small space living but have younger children at home.

This bed comes with a built-in mechanism that keeps them secured against the wall. If you have children who enjoy jumping on beds, this might not be the best option for you.

6. Choose The Loft Desk Bed

Loft Desk Bed

The loft desk bed is a terrific choice for people working from home or young adults going to college. There’s no need to worry about tossing and turning during the night and falling out of bed, thanks to the built-in guardrails.

Extremely functional and stylish, the loft desk bed effortlessly combines what could be two rooms into just one room. Who needs an office anymore when you can save space with this well-designed bed?!