bedroom wall decor ideas

The wall decor is the most underrated aspect of your bedroom design. It is an expansive part of the space, and hence the way you decorate it can impact not just the looks but also the mood it invokes. To add individual flair to the space, here are some ideas:

  • Use wall art

Using art is an opportunity to bring character as well as colour and texture to the room. The bonus is it is inexpensive and easy to add. Use hanging art, randomly place artwork on the wall or use a framed sculpture or fabric. 

  • Use different tones of wall colour

If you have the budget, you can paint the bedroom with different shades. It can be one bright and one dark hue on the same wall to make the ceiling look taller. 

  • Create a mural effect

A decorative mural can add life to a wall, and it can be either large or small. If the mural is expensive, opt for tiles, wallpaper, or paint to achieve this. 

  • Showcase treasures

Souvenirs from holidays, frames with pictures, delicate china, and tarnished mirrors can all be placed together to form a vignette over the headboard. 

  • Light the walls

You can add frosted wall panels backlit by lights along the top to add light and luxury to your white modern bedroom ideas.