alpine bedroom wall decor
Image credit: thistimeincolour via Instagram

Forestry scenes evoke a cool calm alpine freshness that can dissipate the staleness of a much used bedroom. Wallpaper or murals depicting a fresh landscape scene work equally well for the heights of summer or the depths of winter.

white bedroom wall decor
EVER HOPEFUL: ‘Make A Wish’ for a sleep in!

Artwork that is soothing in both palette and subject sets the scene for a restful slumber. For a cohesive look, use tones from the artwork to define the colour palette for the space. Think linen, soft furnishings, curtains and rugs.

bedroom wall decor art print
GENTLY DOES IT: with the softness of ‘Fragility’

This dandelion pappus mid spread is an artful representation of the fragility that nature embraces as a lovely way of survival. And who doesn’t want to gently drift away into dreamland?

bedroom wall decor plants
Image credit: Ideal Home

As humans, our love for plants is well documented and celebrated. But the constant maintenance of keeping them alive can be all too much for most of us. Entwine with the beauty of greenery (minus the upkeep!) with foliage inspired wall design.

bedroom wall decor curtains
Image credit: Kansai Nerolac Paints

If you’re a fan of functionality meets aesthetics when it comes to master bedroom design, why not dual purpose some curtains to decorate your walls? A blackout or brownout pair make a strong statement and colour block that you can use as a backdrop.