Is art deco a new interior design concept for you? Let us help you with a detailed explanation

The concept of art deco has been around since the 20th century when geometrical shapes, angles and patterns made homes beautiful as well as contributed to the art deco industrial interior design. Well, in modern times, art deco has found a place in contemporary homes while blending in perfectly with modern design.

With art deco apartment interior design, you get to flaunt class and style while standing out from the crowd.

What Are The Characteristics Of Art Deco?

While the common man wouldn’t necessarily understand the difference between the multiple types of home decor, here are a few ways that can help you distinguish its characteristics:

  • Geometric patterns: The primary art deco interior design characteristics are angular lines, bold vertical lines and perfect symmetry.
  • Generously sized furnitureWe are not talking about sleek and confined furniture here. Large-sized furniture that looks lavish with ample space is often a part of art deco designs.

Recycled products: Also termed decadent, there is a mix of metals such as brass and stainless steel and even glass with timber or marble. Accessories, tabletops, floors and walls may have these inputs.

The Colours Used For Art Deco

  • A combination of white, black and grey.
  • Contrasting colours such as pink and blue, black and silver, golden yellow and red and so on.
  • Catchy and bright tiles.
  • A touch of subtleness with shades of cream.
A combination of white, black and grey colours used for art deco interior design
Contrasting colours and shades of cream or beige look perfect

Art deco flooring is something that catches the eyes instantly. When you put art deco interior design ideas to use, multiple designs can make your house look picture perfect. The use of black and white tiles, linoleum and lacquered timber is what can take your home decor to a different level.

Art Deco Interior Design For The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the best places to experiment with the art deco style and bring out its best. Fuller looking furniture or ones that have a sleek geometric structure look just right for bedroom art deco interior design. A carved or inlaid headboard with geometric patterns or a wall covered with wallpaper that has bold geometric silhouettes does the trick. The curtains and bed linen can have a tinge of gold with bold prints. Pick lampshades made of frosted glass or even metal to match with the other items in the room.

Art deco interior design for the bedroom
A dressing table in a bedroom with the perfect geometric patterns

Art Deco Interior Design For The Kitchen

Using a combination of a lot of black along with gold can give a beautiful look to the kitchen. Make use of brass fittings for a great contrast. While there is not much to work on in a kitchen, try opting for art deco-inspired decor. It does the trick.

Art deco interior design for the kitchen
Kitchen appliances with quirky designs add to the glamour of the cooking space

Art Deco Interior Design For The Bathroom

For art deco interior design bathrooms, you can use mosaic tiles, mirrors in a geometric pattern or even modular ceilings to give it that look and feel. The fittings such as the taps can be made of brass. The metal element in a subtle frame brings about the real essence of art deco.

Art deco interior design for the bathroom
Geometric mirror that portrays art deco design in the best manner

Art Deco Interior Design For The Living Room

This is a room that gives you ample space to opt for the art deco style. Make use of geometric patterns for the walls and floors and let the colour of the walls remain white or in shades of cream. For a spacious look, use furniture that is sleek with geometric patterns. If possible, renovate the living room with wooden floors especially with the lacquered finish. Sometimes, fuller-looking furniture does the trick and for the rest of the time, sleek furniture gets preference. According to interior designers, leather or animal prints for the upholstery often does the trick.

Modern art deco interior design for the living room
The use of bold colours and straight lines is what makes a perfect art deco look

Art deco contributes a lot to the value of a house as many people prefer the old-school, classic look when it comes to home decor.

Modern homeowners can easily mix and match the design of their house to bring out the best. When you talk of art deco, what comes to mind is geometric designs which must be incorporated into the interior design for the perfect look. Geometric lines, zigzags, straight lines and trapezoids are what you must incorporate into your art deco-inspired home. Brass, steel, velvet and polished timber can indeed transform the way your home looks.