Psst! There’s something you should know. We have collected interior design secrets straight from the experts to help you design your home like a pro!

Why are we whispering? LOL. But seriously, if you are one of those who can’t do anything without consulting Instagram or Pinterest first before making any major changes in your home, we feel you. Not all of us are born with a natural eye for design. It’s also difficult for interior designers, so a little guidance and inspiration never hurt.

How we wish that we could hire experts to help us on a whim so we don’t make any design mistakes, but since that’s not an option right now, we collected interior design secrets and tips to help you design a functional and stylish home.

Choose a Color Palette

And make it consistent. One of the top interior design secrets that we are all aware of. It’s also one of the secrets to mix and match pieces of different styles and make it look cohesive. According to designer Emily Henderson in an interview with Real Simple, “The truth is, you can mix almost any style as long as the pieces work well within your chosen color palette (I’d say three to four colors work best).

You should, of course, consider materials and silhouettes (everything should look like they are at least cousins, share some similar design DNA), but keeping your colors consistent is the safest bet for making your space look put together.

A perfect example would be this small kitchen makeover designed by Anthony Gianacakos. The space doesn’t feel small. It looks cohesive, stylish, and vibrant that makes you want to cook like Gordon Ramsay.


Choose Dark Paint for an Accent Color

A lot of people are afraid of dark colors because of the idea that it makes the space look heavy and small, but this is one of the interior design secrets that you shouldn’t be afraid to add in your home because it can make your space look balanced. For example, a black kitchen looks cool and elegant.

However, if you’re not ready to commit to painting your home dark, try adding it as an accent wall to add life to the space or as an accent color in your decor, such as an area rug, to make the other colors stand out.

Create a Calming Space With Colors and Patterns

Specifically, in your bedroom. Even if you have a minimalist style, it’s best to add color and pattern to your space. The secret is to use different bedroom decor with textures in similar tones to make the space look pleasing and warm.

Designer Rebecca Atwood says in an interview with Real Simple, “I love adding quiet, painterly patterns in a soft tonal color palette with a mix of white, gray, and taupe. Texture is key and can create a lot of dimension and movement.

For a little more impact, start with something simple like a stripe or go for a monochromatic look in varying shades of one hue. If adding pattern and color, choose a multi-colored palette and mix up the pattern scale with an assortment of small-, medium-, and large-scale prints.

Don’t Be Afraid to DIY

One of the interior design secrets that you should learn is to do everything yourself, especially if you’re decorating on a tight budget. Step out of your comfort zone. This will help you unleash your creative side. Additionally, it will help you save money for much-needed home furniture.

A perfect example would be this faux molding by Aldous Bertram. Since there was no ceiling molding and no molding around the doors in this apartment, he decided to simply add them with paint! It’s a cheap and simple decor idea that instantly adds character to the space.

Hang Bold Wallpaper

Liven up your home with wallpaper. Yes, even if you’re renting a space. You can still make it stylish with a peel and stick wallpaper. I love to use wallpaper in my bathroom, bedroom, and dining room because these places are small, so I want them to look visually pleasing. It’s also one of the interior design secrets to make your home look spacious because it tricks the eye into not knowing where the corners are.

Map Out Your Gallery Wall

This is my favorite on the list of interior design secrets because it’s easy and fast to do. You really don’t have to spend so much on creating a gallery wall. You can simply print out photos that you like on the internet or create your own.

However, before you hang your pictures, map it out first by using old cardboard boxes. Trace the size of your frames, cut it out, then stick it on the wall by using a good quality painter’s tape to avoid pulling the paint off. Rearrange the cardboard cutouts until you’re fully satisfied.

Mix Old and New Decor

Well, maybe this is totally not a secret anymore since the New Traditional or Timeless Modern style has been here for ages. However, applying this in your home is not an easy process. The trick to mix old and new decor in your home and to nail this look is to add furniture that reflects your character or story. Start with a classic style, then from there, consider adding modern pieces to keep the space look balanced.

Use Large Art to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

Lastly on our list of interior design secrets is to use one large piece of art as a focal point. According to designer Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design, “One large piece of art will make the space feel larger and grander. Too many small pictures tend to chop up the space.” If you have a small space, use normal-size furniture, and hang a large piece of art to make the room larger.