The dining room is the hub of the home for a reason. It’s the space where we dine together, entertain guests, and it even does double duty as the unofficial home office. Since we spend so much time here, this room should bring maximum style and everyday functionality. Ready to elevate your dining room with a modern refresh? Read on for everything you need to know.

Modern Dining seating

Mix and Match

Matchy-matchy dining rooms are a thing of a past. In lieu of a perfectly-coordinated set, infuse some fun into your gathering space and opt for a dining bench or mismatched chairs. Eclectic seating will instantly give your home a more personalized look and feel. What’s more? Benches are ingenious in small spaces. Slide the bench completely under the table and out of the way to create a more navigable walkway.

Modern Dining pegboard

Maximize Wall Space

Wall fixtures are so much more than a pretty addition. In the dining room these pieces can bring extra storage and help to define and anchor the space. Install floating shelves in a finish that complements your table and chairs set to display decorative stemware, dinnerware, cutting boards, and more. Peg boards are another clever (and super chic) way to add storage to the dining room without sacrificing floor space.

Modern Dining shelves

Accessorize Away

Don’t shy away from accessorizing your dining room. The right mix brings color and dimension, and you can easily switch out items for an instant (and inexpensive) room refresh. We recommend a methodic approach to picking your tabletop decor. Too many items and the space will look cluttered—too few and it can appear unfinished. Consider shape and scale and choose both tall and stout pieces to lend balance to the look. A large vase plays well with low profile candlestick holders or a decanter. One of our favorite organization tricks is to use a tray to corral smaller accessories (think bread basket, glasses, and spice jars).

Modern Dining table
Modern Dining tablescape
Modern Dining lighting

Light It Up

Great lighting goes a long way (especially in the dining room). Whether your style favors a statement chandelier or a series of pendants, modern lighting can give any dated dining room a lift. The best part? Even renters can usually swap out drab fixtures for something modern. We’re currently loving sculptural and industrial styles.

Modern Dining set

Warmed Up Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian-inspired furniture has been having a major moment in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. These pared down silhouettes balance form, function, and a monochromatic color palette for a look that’s both modern and timeless. While pure Scandinavian design isn’t for everyone, there are ways to incorporate elements of the popular style into any home. In the dining room, pair Scandinavian-inspired chairs with a wooden table to create an on-trend and approachable space. Add texture by way of a rug and organic elements like live greenery to infuse warmth and dimension.

Modern Dining Scandinavian
Modern Dining bar cart

Bring in the Bar Cart

Formal dining rooms have gone by the wayside in many of today’s homes, leaving little space for a full-sized buffet or bar to play off your table and chairs set. If your home lacks the square footage to fit a large piece, there are still ways to squeeze in extra furniture. A modern bar cart has a small footprint but brings maximum style. Dress it up in a corner with a planter and canvas print for a polished vignette that won’t feel cluttered. Still starved for floor space? Opt for a cart with wheels so you can easily roll it out of the way when needed.