Finding the perfect word to encapsulate your style isn’t always easy, but sometimes you stumble across a genius expression that adequately sums up the look and vibe you’re going for. Scandifornian is one of those titles, and we have designer Natalie Myers to thank for that. She has coined the term, which captures a balance of clean Scandinavian minimalism and sunny California warmth. Throw in a splash of modern bohemian charm and a dash of mid-century flair, and you’ve got a new trend that is poised to become a crowd pleaser. Want to know why we love it so much? See our top 6 reasons below!


1 | Bright + Airy Interiors

The most important factor that distinguishes Scandifornian design from Scandinavian design is the abundance of natural light and brightness that you get in Californian interiors. When you think of California style, you think of breezy, airy spaces, and one way to achieve this look is with a white foundation. White walls, white sofas, white chairs and white rugs that feature subtle pops of neutral color and graphic pattern will do the trick.


2 | Neutral, Earthy Colors

We often associate different styles and design themes with signature colors, and the Scandifornian color palette is no different. As a combination of the Scandinavian aesthetic and the California look, it’s no surprise that typical Scandifornian hues include cozy neutrals, as well as organic earth tones that conjure up images of the dreamy West Coast landscape. From forest, olive and succulent greens to warm tans and beiges, @jcdesign1.1 blends them all together seamlessly.


3 | Natural Details

A unifying element of Scandinavian and Californian homes is their heavy reliance on natural materials, details and textures. Both styles embrace outdoor living and focus on bringing hints of the environment inside in order to create a more holistic experience. Merging interior and exterior spaces is of the utmost importance in Scandifornian design, and pieces like leather sectionals, wood tables, jute rugs and indoor plants help establish the desired ambiance. In the living room above, @vibrantlyvaldez has composed an organic setting that hits all of the right notes.

scandi clean

4 | Minimalist Methods

Scandinavian and Californian interiors also share a minimalist approach to design. While a majority of Scandifornian character is conveyed through earth tones, natural materials and organic details, all of these elements are meticulously employed in a clean, clutter-free way. Every item in a Scandifornian space is thoughtfully, methodically chosen. To continue that streamlined theme, many of the pieces are crisp and sleek, as you can see in this bedroom by @shelterresidential.


5 | Light Wood Tones

Another defining characteristic of Scandifornian design is the use of light wood over dark wood. Light wood tones support the breezy, casual, laidback vibe that’s synonymous with Californian style, as well as the neutral colors and natural materials we see in these spaces. From floors, to shelves, to furniture, you can opt for warm, blonde woods that showcase all of those one-of-a-kind imperfections we love. This living room by @laceandgraceinteriors is rich and inviting, and the wood tones are the perfect complement.

6 | Mid-Century Flair

At the heart of Scandinavian and Californian style is an appreciation and implementation of classic mid-century design. The emphasis on simplicity and utility, form and function is a thread that ties all of these aesthetics together. In Scandifornian interiors, you’ll find an abundance of pieces with clean lines, tapered legs, crisp edges and tailored details.