If you use your bedroom only as a place to sleep, maybe it’s time to redecorate! With these super-easy (AND budget-friendly!) room decor ideas, you’ll get to add some character to your space and make it worth posting on Instagram – over and over again.

#1 My Mattress Be My Bed

Get a high-end mattress (more than 8 inches) in lieu of a bed and get some throw pillows with fun sayings or bright colours. Loosely style your bedding with a subtly-coloured quilt to create a softer and more approachable vibe to your room. For a more polished look, opt for a duvet in shades of grey, taupe or french blue.

Image Courtesy: Design Milk

#2 Bedside Table Manners

The way you keep your bedside table (nightstand) says a lot about who you are. A classy look involves black furniture with vintage-inspired decor. A feminine feel can be achieved by tones of peach and white. Rustic lovers can opt for a nightstand with a wooden frame and decorate with brown and green items.

Instead of a nightstand, you could also choose a couple of old trunks!

Image Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

#3 ‘Shelfies’ Are In

Believe it or not, “shelfies” are a thing! Instead of storing books and old newspapers on your shelf, experiment with old CDs, candles and trinkets to make it the spotlight of your bedroom.

#ProTip: Make sure the shelves are not placed too high if you have low-levelled bedding to maintain balance.

Image Courtesy: Home Interior Design

#4 Go Green With Houseplants

There’s no corner in a bedroom that a houseplant cannot add character to so place them on windowsills, desks or even hang them from the walls!

Photo Courtesy: Curate & Display

#5 Fairy Lights

String lights look whimsical no matter where you hang them.  What’s best is that fairy lights are inexpensive, flexible & come in a variety of styles!

Image Courtesy: Home Dcor

#6 Personalise Your Dresser

Add a personal touch to your dresser — you could add fabric to the sides of the drawer, paint the base, use lace to re-cover the drawers, paint stripes or even laminate it. The ideas are endless so pick one that resonates with you!

Photo Courtesy: Project Nursery

Decorating your bedroom is an art. With these bedroom decor ideas, your Insta-worthy bedroom is only a few tweaks away. A rule of thumb here is get your layering, placement and light setting right, the rest just falls in place. So go ahead – experiment & make a double tap-worthy bedroom!