Whether you’ve been working from home for years or recently found yourself carving out an at-home workspace in the kitchen, one thing’s for certain: On a dreary, Monday morning, there’s nothing worse than posting up at a sad, boring desk. We say, embrace that work-from-home life and decorate your desk in a way that will inspire and excite you—even when you’re stuck in the snooziest Zoom meeting there ever was.

Not sure where to begin? From super minimalist to maximalist, and everything in-between, we’ve rounded up some cheerful, creative ways to decorate your at-home workspace. (You’re not totally on your own when it comes to swapping your sad desk salad for a more creative lunch, either.)

Add a Pop of Color

A white desk with a black lamp and modern accessories.You don’t have to waste precious desktop real estate to liven up your workspace. Pairing a sleek, simple desk and minimalist accessories with a bold, but miniature wall mural or piece of art can make a serious statement—and add some more color to your day. Need to add some calmness to your workday? Decorate with blues, greens, soft pinks and purples, or grays to give your desk a super zen vibe.

Catch Wanderlust—Even When You’re Stuck at Home

A beachy, bohemian-style desk. 

When you have a hectic work schedule with back-to-back meetings and a never-ending to-do list, an escape to the beach or your favorite city may feel a little out-of-reach. So, why not embrace your wanderlust with some fun desk decor? Give it a beachy vibe with cane furniture, a mini palm, and weathered wood, or honor your favorite city with a painting of its most famous architectural structures or must-see sites. Just because you’re stuck at work physically, you don’t necessarily have to be there mentally—or at least not for thefulleight hours.

Show Your Holiday Cheer

A traditional desk with holiday decor. No matter the holiday, nothing can cheer up a boring meeting more than embracing holiday cheer. Dress up your workspace with miniature pumpkins, gourds, and a fall-scented candle for Halloween; a miniature tree and twinkly lights for Christmas; and a DIY heart-shaped paper chain for Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re not taking a vacation day for your favorite holiday, the least you can do is celebrate it with some fun desk decor.

Choose a Soothing Color Palette

A natural wood desk with neutral accessories. If your work life is super hectic, your workspace shouldn’t be. Opt for a simple, soothing color palette with lots of neutrals and natural textures. Think: a natural-colored wood desk with accessories in varying shades of white, cream, gray, beige, or brown. Add a plant or two for a totally natural touch of color and some extra fresh air, too.

Add Fresh-Cut Flowers

A modern, feminine desk with fresh flowers.If you’re susceptible to the 2 pm, post-lunch slump, try adding fresh-cut flowers in a pretty vase to your desk. They’ll add some color and cheer to the space, and can make a great pick-me-up when you’re nodding off or reaching for the mid-afternoon chocolate. (On the other hand, why not treat yourself to some fresh flowers and the mid-afternoon chocolate?)