Everyday we locking for fresh decorating ideas and locking to understand the current trend interior designs.There are a lot of ideas to catch up and bring a intersting decor.Decorating with maps is a ingenious idea for those who travel around the world.

Custom World Map Collection of 6 – Original Silk Screen Prints

Old World Map set which is hand printed with a screen print process on acrylic painted wood panels and measure 24” x 36”, 61cm x 91.5 cm.

World Map Murals Vinyl Decals which measures 52in.X22in and comes in black/dark grey/white for map and pink, blue and white for plane.

Dot Matrix World Map, Large – Vinyl Wall Art measuring approximately 22.5″ x 55″

These letters H-O-M-E are made from repurposed Irish maps. All the maps & atlases have been rescued from the recycling bin!