How many times have you caught yourself wishing you had at home a little something -or a bigger something- from your hotel room?

What I do is try to spot details or things that I can easily adapt to my space.

Here are 5 easy to copy decor ideas from 5 cool hotels I have recently visited.

Black velvet – Le Roch Hotel & Spa


Le Roch Hotel & Spa is made by famous interior designer Sarah Lavoine, so it is full of awesome decor ideas. The mixture of patterns and the color palette is to die for, but I focused on a simpler idea that is easy to copy. A white piped black velvet tabouret stool next to bed is a timelessly elegant touch. Just add such a piece of furniture to your bedroom, regardless of its decorating style.

Μy blue retro chairs – Totem Hotel

Totem Hotel Madrid LobbyMid-century touch of style at the lobby

If you happen to have a pair of vintage armchairs, you can change their look instantly by dressing them with a light blue coloured fabric which will make them look really modern. The stylish mid-century armchairs of the photo belong to a new boutique hotel in Madrid, Totem, which opened last year.

Blast from the past – Nomo Soho Hotel


A selection of vintage telephones on a design table can look so hipster.. Just make sure that the room has a minimal style, so as to achieve a modern look. I took the idea from The Nomo Soho in New York, a hotel with a very cool style. The only thing you have to do is a visit to your nearest vintage store or check your parents’ attic for retro appliances left there.

The tromp l’oeil wallpaper – Hotel Gilberti


Looking for an affordable way to give your bedroom current décor a fresh look? Why don’t you choose a wallpaper with a tromp l’oeil effect to put on the wall behind the bedhead so as to get the maximum impact. The idea is from Hotel Gilberti in Verona, and the wall mural creates the illusion of sleeping in the middle of the Ancient Theatre of the city, something I found very amusing when I stayed there.

Τhe assortment of frames and art – The Nomad Hotel

The Nomad HotelI was very impressed by the fact there is a different art selection in each room

I recently wrote about The Nomad Hotel in New York and how much I liked its undeniably high-style aesthetic. The idea of assortment of frames and art on a wall is not so original. Yet, what I liked in the Nomad rooms was the combination of old sketches, gravures, retro ads, modern photography, vintage maps that had all together a unique and captivating effect. I also loved the story about the creative studio that curated the selection and the process of finding all these things in several flea markets around the world. Brilliant!