Furnishing your home can be a challenging task when it comes to selecting the perfect color to the size and scale of the decor items to space. 
The right home pieces must accentuate the existing scenario but it must give a brand new look to space. 

furnishing home

Everyone loves a beautiful home.  A home must be decorated with the utmost simplicity to display the grandeur. 

Giving a personal touch to your home by furnishing itself, brings you closer to your home and you have a story to tell every time someone visits your place

furnishing home

” Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes a story”

1. Scale and space

Always know the space. Before heading to the market. Take a picture of the area you want your article to fit in be it a tabletop or a ledge wall. In a digital ace, click as many as you like. Click a lot of pictures in the market. If you don’t like something don’t hassle in purchasing the item. Come back and visualize how it will fit in a space.

Scale and space

2. Color combination

Be very specific with the color. When it comes to furnishing Magazines, color palettes can be very helpful at this time. Know the color combination. Before you jump to the right decision. Accentuate only a color. Keep one or two as supporting tones and always have something in the backdrop.

Color combination furnishing home

3. Theme are lifesavers

Get acquainted with the theme and different styles of interiors. Be it traditional, modern, eclectic, or contemporary. Choose all the decor items accordingly. Themes will narrow down a lot option in the market helping you find the right article. 

4. Try different applications

apartment interior

Many different Android and IOS applications help you choose the perfect paint finishes. Many apps help you choose the right paint finishes under different lighting settings. A lot of other premium apps help you measure the space and add furniture to it before even buying.

5. Sky is the limit

There is an unlimited number of items available in the market. Do your research, try different options. Broaden your horizons, wall painting is not only the option. Fabric paneling, wall art, antiques, tapestries, etc make your home feel alive.

furnishing home