wall sticker decor – Home décor is one of the great and easiest ways to upgrade the aesthetics of your wall sticker decor. This particular area can be a fascinating and thrilling experience once you start indulging yourself in out-of-the-box ideas.

Nowadays, wall decor stickers become a very popular way of decorating walls. They are loved for a great choice and easiness of application and removal. Moreover, stickers can enhance any room in your home from living room to bathroom.

There are many types of decorative wall stickers of various forms, colors and themes. They may feature everything from a small cat silhouette to a huge wall mural with landscape. So, let’s get started and have a look at 25 cool ideas of wall decals.

1. Forest Wall Mural

Forest Wall Mural

In fact, stickers for wall decor can be rather large and even cover the whole wall. The large wall mural with the forest photo will make your living room or bedroom a more relaxing place and will bring a bit of nature to your home.

2. Love Wall Sticker

Love Wall Sticker

The stickers with hearts and “LOVE” are very popular among young couples. They can be placed not only in bedroom but also in a living room. Moreover, opt for unusual details. For instance, these stickers with vintage floral pattern look fantastic.

3. Puzzle Wall Decor

Puzzle Wall Decor

Are you fond of puzzles? The decal stickers for walls featuring puzzles look unusual and are a great addition to contemporary and high tech interiors.

4. Family Tree Wall Decal

Family Tree Wall Decal

The family tree is an astonishing decoration for big families. After tree sticker wall decor is applied, add the photos of your family members for creating an extremely cozy atmosphere in the living room.

5. Cityscape Wall Mural

Cityscape Wall Mural

If you love the city dynamics, opt for a wall mural, featuring your favorite city. It can be a photo print or just a silhouette of the city skyline.

6. World Map Decor

World Map Sticker

Clearly, travelers like to decorate their dwellings with various maps. As an alternative to a map poster, you are free to use a wall sticker, featuring the world map.

7. Human Face Sticker

Human Face Wall Sticker

A wall sticker decoration with a human portrait doesn’t necessarily need to feature the whole face. The images with eyes or lips are rather widespread and look gorgeous in bedrooms.

8. Floral Motifs Decoration

Floral Wall Stickers

Floral motifs are so different that they can be used in any interior from vintage to contemporary one. The black and white flower decals will add charm to any room they are located in.

9. Sticker with Animal

Dog Wall Sticker

Basically, the images of animals are often chosen for interior decor and wall decorations stickers aren’t an exception. The large decals look great, but some tiny details like on the image above add so much cuteness to the interior.

10. Dog Paws Stickers

Dog’s Paws Wall Sticker

If you have children, they will definitely be fond of the idea of decorating the walls with the silhouettes of dog’s paws.

11. Silhouette Art

Girl Silhouette Sticker

In truth, decorative wall stickers with silhouettes are among the most popular variants. The silhouettes of people as well as animals or things can be used. For instance, this girl with air bubbles looks very nice.

12. Birds on a Branch Sticker

Birds on a Branch Stickers

Birds always look cute. We think that this sticker will look amazing in kitchen decor as well as at office.

13. Pop Art Decals

Pop Art Wall Decal

Pop art is a fantastic addition to modern interior. A sticker for walls may look as cool as a poster or painting.

14. Barcode Wall Sticker

Barcode Wall Sticker

If you seek for unusual wall stickers decor, have a look at the barcode decals. Instead of the numbers, there can be some words and even pictures of animals.

15. Feathers Wall Decor

Feathers Wall Decor

If you want to add lightness to the room decor, decorate the walls with feathers. White feathers look beautiful on dark walls while grey and black ones on light surfaces.

16. Geometric Wall Art

Geometric Wall Art

Naturally, wall decoration stickers with geometric patterns are suitable for modern interiors. But depending on the decal style, it can be used in other room designs.

17. Motivational Quote Decal

Motivational Wall Sticker

Motivational quotes don’t only inspire but can also serve as cool decorations. They can be printed in various colors and fonts.

18. Polka Dot Wall Decor

Polka Dot Wall Decor

Polka dot walls look very nice, especially in nurseries. And it’s not necessary to paint the walls as you can just attach round stickers of one or several colors to them.

19. Wall Decoration with Rules

House Rules Stickers

Usually, all rules seem to be boring. However, by placing a list of your family rules on the wall, you will create a cool design, which, at the same time, will serve as a learning tool for your kids.

20. Mechanisms Wall Sticker

If you are fond of various mechanisms or have a high tech interior, place a wall decor sticker, featuring a certain mechanism. Such a decoration looks fresh and non-banal.

21. Butterflies Wall Decals

Butterflies are especially liked by girls. That’s why, such wall decals are perfect for girl’s bedroom or nursery. However, butterflies can also decorate other rooms.

22. Food and Drinks Wall Decoration

If you want to decorate a kitchen or dining room with sticker wall decor, opt for food and drinks images. For instance, a coffee or tea wall decal is rather universal.

23. Geometric Animal Sticker

Surely, you have already seen the prints with geometric animals. They look very stylish and creative. And wall art decor stickers can also feature them.

24. Clock Wall Sticker

A clock wall sticker decor is one more idea of unusual addition to the room design. You may buy the ready clock of such a style, or order the clock hands and numbers on stickers separately.

25. Custom Text Stickers

And, finally, you can create the design of the wall decor stickers for living room or any other part of your home yourself. For instance, you can order the print of your family name for living or dining room decor or ask to print your baby’s name for the nursery adornment.

All in all, you see that wall decor stickers can become an integral part of any type of interior and are a great substitution to more traditional types of wall art. Moreover, their choice is pretty large and so, even the most demanding of you will find something cute for their home.