If you’ve been looking at ways to add extra storage to your bedroom, then the addition of a stylish mid century modern dresser is the perfect way to do it.

Finding something the right size, shape and style for your bedroom is key. There are so many gorgeous mid-century modern dressers to choose from, it can be overwhelming!

Don’t worry though… I’ve found 10 of the best mid century dressers to inspire you when shopping around for your next set of bedroom storage drawers.

1.Dorinda 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Dorinda 6 Drawer Double Dresser

With 6 evenly spaced deep drawers this dresser offers plenty of storage. It has been designed in a classic mid-century style, with straight legs and carved-out drawer pulls. The wood is a lovely deep brown color which means it’ll also fit in with pretty much any bedroom colour scheme.

You could easily style it in the same way, with a mirror and light so you can also make use of the top of the dresser for extra storage, leaving things such as beauty products and cosmetics within easy reach. 

2.Lorraine Mid-Century Modern 3-Drawer Dresser

Lorraine Mid-Century Modern 3-Drawer Dresser

This gorgeous 3-drawer dresser features a stylish design, typical of the mid century period. With minimal ornamentation and clean lines, this dresser is perfect for creating a smart, stylish look in your bedroom.

3.Gerbold 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Gerbold 6 Drawer Double Dresser

You’ll get plenty of storage with this stunning 6 draw unit, which comes complete with a mirror. The grain of the wood showing gives the drawers a unique look, which is complemented well with the pale wood flooring they have in this bedroom. 

This goes to show that although the unit has a dark walnut finish it will easily fit in with bedrooms of all styles. 

4.Tabitha 6-Drawer Dresser

Tabitha 6-Drawer Dresser

The symmetrical design and light wood in this mid-century inspired dresser gives it a clean contemporary look. Soft curves and defined lines keep well with the aesthetically pleasing symmetrical nature of this gorgeous dresser. 

The oversized drawer knobs give a soft, tactile look and feel while the understated legs disappear, creating a floating effect. If you’re looking for a mid century modern dresser that is understated but gives plenty of storage, this could well be the choice for you.

5.Dorrit 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Dorrit 6 Drawer Double Dresser

This 6 drawer dresser is striking from all aspects. Right from its vivid hypotonic wood grain in colors swirling from dark to light shades, through to its solid angular brutality. This would be a striking addition to anyone’s stylish home. 

With a set of shelves on view it clearly offers a unique variety of storage and display options. It has been styled here with large pieces of art on the wall, which helps to complement the overall striking look of the unit.

6.Carson Carrington Christian 8-drawer Dresser

Carson Carrington Christian 8-drawer Dresser

The different sized and color drawers in the Carson Carrington Christian dresser give this piece of furniture a really unique look. Completed with a white wood surround, it features a variety of colours that help to bring it together with the rest of the room. 

In this bedroom it has been contrasted against a dark teal wall which works perfectly and goes to show that the earth tone colors could be matched against just about anything.

7.Lindel Coco Oak Wood and Leather Dresser

Lindel Coco Oak Wood and Leather Dresser

Leather and wood have been known to work together well on various pieces of furniture and this Lindel Coco Oak Wood dresser is no exception. Although it only has 3 drawers they are a good size so storage should not be an issue. 

The side cupbord also helps to give more storage options. The light color wood and the dark leather front work well together, giving this piece a really unique look.

8.Marienne 6-Drawer Dresser

Marienne 6-Drawer Dresser

The long integrated bar-pull handles and smooth curved corners on this 6 drawer dresser give it a classic mid century look, which looks beautiful with the darker wood finish. With 6 large drawers and space on top this mid century style dresser is both practical and stylish

The large piece of art hung above the drawers helps to bring out the color of the unit, and neutral ornaments complement the overall look allowing the dresser to stand out as a feature in the room.

9.Bulluck 6 Drawer Double Dresser with Mirror

Bulluck 6 Drawer Double Dresser with Mirror

With a retro style, the understated finish of this dresser means it will fit in just about any room. It’s completed with a high-gloss coating and a large round mirror which really helps to bring everything together. 

Stylish metal legs complete the retro look perfectly and if you like this mid century chest of drawers you might also want the matching side-unit as they have done here, to finish off the overall look of the room.

10.Milo Mid Century Modern 7-Drawer Dresser

Milo Mid Century Modern 7-Drawer Dresser

If you’re looking for something that has a few more storage options, then this white mid century modern dresser might be the choice for you. Complete with 4 large drawers and 3 smaller ones you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to storage space. 

The crisp white finish gives it a clean look, which could be finished with white accessories in a similar way to the photo, or contrasted with bright accessories which would look just as great.