Once upon a time, you were faced with decorating your walls. Maybe you decided to frame photos and prints because, well, there’s no denying that looks great. But for a more unique approach, we bring you 11 alternatives that are just as wow-worthy. Check ’em out, and let the inspiration begin!

1. Just Frames

Photo by Heidi Geldhauser via Style Me Pretty

Frames with nothing in them aren’t silly — they’re a simple, eye-catching way to upgrade your space.

2. Magazine Pages

Source: Stars For Streetlights

Remember when you were a teenager and would rip out pages from your favorite magazine and tape them to the wall? This electrical tape idea is like that — but way better.

3. Music Records

Source: Domino Magazine

Album covers — or records themselves — are such a fun and unique way to display your personality.

4. Scarves

Photo by Ryann Colleen Photography via Style Me Pretty

Yep! Scarves that are bright and beautiful will look just as great on your wall as part of any outfit. Try this easy DIY, and see for yourself.

5. Mirrors

Source: Domino

Mirrors make a great substitute for art, especially when you live in a small space. If you’re not sure now to incorporate them, start with these mirror styling tricks!

6. Cross-Stitching

Source: Henry Happened

Who says cross-stitching is just for grandmas? We love this adorable DIY tutorial that would look perfect atop your vanity.

7. Science Charts

Source: Domino Magazine

It’s true — vintage science charts of plants and flowers, like these, are a beautiful alternative.

8. Postcards

Source: Domino Magazine

If you love collecting postcards whenever you travel but aren’t sure how to display them, consider grouping them together for a conversation-starting postcard gallery wall.

9. Calendar Pictures

Photo by Ruth Eileen Photography via Style Me Pretty

No need to toss out your calendars from last year. Many are full of photos and designs that are definitely frame-worthy — this DIY proves it.

10. Your Favorite Phrases

Photo by Jordan Maunder Photography via Style Me Pretty

Sure, you could always buy a quote art print . . . or you could grab a gold pen and try it yourself!

11. Maps

Source: Domino Magazine

Another way to show off your love of travel is by framing maps. We’re particularly fond of vintage ones.