Color is a major component of a teen girl’s bedroom. It gives value and personality to a teen girl bedroom décor. Not any color will be ideal for your girl’s bedroom. Therefore, here are 10 cool teen girl bedroom color ideas you can consider:

10 Cool Teen Girl Bedroom Color Ideas


Pink has a girlish theme in it. That’s why you’ll find it in most teen girl bedrooms. It brings excitement in a room and that’s exactly what a teen girl wants in her room. Whenever she comes back to her room, a warm welcome from the surrounding pink theme is enough to energize her.


This is a preferred color choice among teen girls. Purple is a great choice for girls because of its glamorous look. There are different shades of purple to go for to make a bedroom look amazingly beautiful for a teenage girl. Purple matches well with black for a rich and cool teen bedroom environment.


White is undeniably a classic that fits perfectly well in a teen girl’s bedroom. Also white makes it easier to work around diverse ideas for teen girl bedroom décor. For example, you can apply many styles to a bright white theme. If you’re thinking of a flexible theme color, consider going for white.

Light Gray

This is a great option for a cool color teen girl bedroom. While warm colors seem to be a favorite for many girls, light gray is equally fine if you match up with the right colors. The good thing with light gray is that it can be attractive and warm if you style it in the best possible way.


Brown brings out the much-needed warmth in a room. It makes a room restful and attractive. A bedroom with such a color is a big asset to a teenage girl. Additionally, there are diverse options you can go for to bring out the best in a brown themed room. Purple and pink are good options for accessories.

Image: Dear Lillie

Light Lavender

This is another color that teenage girls love to bring out the girly nature in them. It’s a gorgeous color. You can match it up with white and nature-themed elements like hardwood floor.

Image: karen b wolf interiors

Dusty Blue

This is a color for a pretty room. If you would like your teenage girl to love her bedroom and make it a little heaven down here, consider having dusty blue as a primary color in the room. It creates a peaceful feeling for the modern bedroom.

Tiffany Blue

For comfort and elegance, consider tiffany blue. It’s incredibly refreshing, and that’s why it’s a color that most teenage girls will choose for their bedrooms. It is a unique addition to the feminine touch in a girl’s bedroom.


This is an ideal color for a free-spirited girl. It brings a positive vibe to a teen girl’s bedroom and increase the warmth within.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a good choice when you want to increase the value of the interiors. It adds a great amount of interest and soothing feeling to a teen’s bedroom.